Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery in Spring Valley, CA

Wisdom teeth are evolutionary leftovers that can pose a problem for patients’ dental health if untreated.  As wisdom teeth no longer serve a purpose to help us to chew and digest food, removing them before they cause discomfort or other dental problems is vital. Dr. Haddad’s comprehensive dental services include the extraction of wisdom teeth from his Spring Valley dental office.

Why Can’t I Keep my Wisdom Teeth?

For a rare few patients, their third molars (or wisdom teeth) will descend into their current dental alignment with no issue. Most patients, however, experience dental problems associated with the emergence of wisdom teeth. By the time these third molars begin to make their presence known, between ages 15-25, dental patients have all of their permanent teeth and may even have gone through treatment to make sure their teeth are well aligned. This leaves little room for four new teeth to move into place, which can throw off bite and teeth alignment.

Wisdom teeth are also known for only partially emerging. Not every wisdom tooth, like any other permanent tooth, develops in a completely straight and downward fashion, which is why just very few people have perfectly straight teeth naturally. The same can be said for third molars; however when they descend and are not well aligned, they can push into other teeth, getting caught half-emerged in hard or soft tissue. In these circumstances, wisdom teeth are hard to clean and can create risk for gum infections and discomfort.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Spring Valley

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery in Spring Valley, CA

If you have begun to feel a new tooth poking through gums behind your molars, or are experiencing discomfort that may be attributed to the movement of wisdom teeth, Dr. Haddad welcomes you into his office for treatment planning and diagnosis. From there, Dr. Haddad can determine your needs and the best method for extracting teeth. Dr. Haddad and his team can perform both simple and complex wisdom teeth removal in the following circumstances:

Wisdom Teeth are Emerging Comfortably, But There is No Room in Alignment – In this case, a simple extraction is called for. Even if third molars are coming in straight, this does not necessarily mean that there is enough for them in your current dental alignment. With simple wisdom teeth extraction at our Spring Valley dental office, there are no incisions made into soft tissue.
Wisdom Teeth are Crooked and Caught in Gum Tissue or Bone – When third molars are partially emerged through gums or are caught in jaw bone, Dr. Haddad can perform complex wisdom teeth extraction surgery to access and remove these teeth to prevent the oral health problems they can cause.

Dr. Haddad encourages patients to have their wisdom teeth extracted sooner rather than later, to prevent bone from setting around teeth and making removal surgery a more challenging process. During the extraction process, our team utilizes local anesthetic and or nitrous and minor sedation to make sure patients are comfortable. 

Ask us your Questions about Wisdom Teeth Surgery – Contact our Office

If you are apprehensive about getting your wisdom teeth removed or have questions about the treatment, our dental office is here to help. Contact Dr. Haddad to schedule your consultation for wisdom teeth removal surgery in Spring Valley.


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