Single & Multiple Unit Implants in Spring Valley - Restorations - Replace Missing Teeth

Living with uncomfortable dental prosthetics, like removable dentures, and dealing with missing teeth can make everyday life a struggle. Dentures need to be removed and applied daily and are not as strong as real teeth. As another option for replacing teeth, dental bridges are not a permanent solution and require shaving down healthy tooth enamel.Spring Valley Dental Implants - Replace Missing Teeth

In contrast, dental implants provide a functional, comfortable, and seamless solution to tooth loss that makes missing teeth an easily fixable dental problem. At the office of Eiad Haddad, DDS, we provide dental implants in Spring Valley to help patients access reliable and long-lasting replacements for missing or extracted teeth.

Implant Surgery and Restoration in Spring Valley

Dental implants provide successful replacements for missing teeth by including a prosthetic that is surgically embedded into jaw bone, to replace your natural tooth root. Prosthetic teeth attached to implants do not rest on existing teeth or soft tissue, so patients can enjoy better comfort and well-being. Our implant services include:

Implant Surgery: Placement of implant posts and surgical pre-treatment, include bone grafting

Single Implants:
Implant posts topped with dental crowns

Multiple Unit Implant Restoration: Several implant posts topped with a dental bridge

Immediate Implants: Extraction of teeth and placement of implants in the same day

With 14 years of experience in implant dentistry, Dr. Haddad can place any amount of implants that patients need, even for complex cases of extensive tooth loss or bone resorption.  For patients missing teeth in their smile line, our implant restorations can be created from zirconia, full porcelain, or e.max® for aesthetic results and lasting durability.

Affordable Full Smile Rehabilitation with Implant Dentures

If you are missing all of your natural teeth in an arch, implants and dentures can be combined to help prevent many of the uncomfortable Implants Dentures in Spring Valley - Restorationsaspects of wearing full removable dentures. With just two dental implants in an arch, Dr. Haddad can secure a full denture. Overdenture treatment from our Spring Valley dental office is especially successful for patients who are struggling with complications of lower dentures, and can be applied to upper dentures as well. 

Snap-on dentures with implants are the most effective solution for total tooth loss, financially and for patient comfort. With this teeth replacement option, you no longer have to worry about loose or slipping dentures. Your prosthetics are held firmly in place all day long with permanent implant posts and feel more like your own teeth.

Questions? Contact our Spring Valley Implant Dentist

If you’ve been struggling with dentures or if you’re missing several teeth and are looking for a better way to repair your smile, contact our office for more information about dental implant treatment at our Spring Valley dental office.

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