Dentures in Spring Valley, CA - Replace 2 or More Missing Teeth

Dentures, whether made to replace a full arch of teeth or a few individual teeth, are among the easiest and most convenient ways to replace missing teeth in your smile. Many individuals prefer dentures because they are typically the most cost-effective treatment and allow patients to enjoy the appearance of a full and healthy smile.

With dentures in Spring Valley from the office of Dr. Eiad Haddad, patients get access to some of the most modern, comfortable, and natural looking prosthetics for teeth replacement.

Full and Partial Denture OptionsSpring Valley Denture Options - Full & Partial

There are two specific types of dentures: full dentures, which cover the entire jaw arch, and partial dentures, which use a removable plastic or metal support system to fill in gaps with prosthetic teeth. Dr. Haddad provides both of these denture treatment options, including:

Valplast Flexible Partials – This innovative partial denture treatment is made from soft, comfortable plastic that moves with you and feels as natural as possible. Flexible partials do not contain any metal components and are attached with a pink clasp that looks like natural gum tissue. Our plastic, flexible partial dentures are made to look just like your natural teeth.

Partials with Metal Framework – Dr. Haddad also offers more traditional partial dentures that are held in with a metal framework. Similar to a retainer, these conventional partial dentures snap onto existing teeth. For patients looking for a sturdy teeth replacement option, Dr. Haddad can also secure partial dentures with a few dental implants.

Traditional Full Dentures with Porcelain or High-End Plastic – With a full denture, getting a proper fit and making sure that prosthetic teeth look real are important parts of successful care. Dr. Haddad can fabricate your full dentures from a variety of materials to achieve this effect, such as life-like porcelain or realistic looking, high quality plastic and acrylic.

Our dentures are made to work well, fit correctly, and help you enjoy the benefits of a renewed smile through affordable dental solutions. For patients interested in augmenting denture treatment with implants, please visit our dental implants page.

Immediate Dentures in Spring Valley

Dr. Haddad’s Spring Valley dental office can accommodate surgical care, including the extraction of damaged teeth that need to be replaced with full or partial dentures. Our office can remove compromised teeth and supply you with dentures on-the-spot, so you never have to go without the appearance of teeth.  With immediate dentures, our patients don’t have to wait for their prosthetics and do not have to deal with gaps in their smiles while their prosthetics are being fabricated.

Learn More about our Denture Treatments – Contact Dr. Haddad

If you have questions about your denture options, please call our office for your consultation. Our full and partial denture services can be customized to meet your needs and expectations.

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