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While dental problems like cracked and fractured teeth are commonplace enough to seem uneventful, getting treatment for damaged teeth is essential in preventing larger dental problems and preserving overall dental health. When fractured or cracked teeth provide an entry point for bacteria, or when bacteria have already compromised the health of a tooth, a root canal is a necessary procedure that helps save your smile. At Dr. Haddad’s Spring Valley dental office, we offer comfortable and precise root canal therapy to keep your teeth, and your smile, strong and healthy.

Advanced Endodontic Tools in Spring Valley

Successful root canal treatment involves thoroughly cleaning the inner systems of teeth to remove bacteria and infected or dead nerves and tissue inside teeth. While this material can be damaged by infections and bacteria, your tooth does not need nerve tissues to survive. Dr. Haddad can clean your tooth and preserve its structure, to avoid extraction.

To accomplish this, Dr. Haddad utilizes advanced endodontic tools, which help promote improved treatment success. When using traditional root canal tools, dentists have to guess at how large teeth are, or how far down tooth roots and root systems extend. This process of educated guessing can leave bacteria and infected dentin behind, prompting eventual treatment failure. However, Dr. Haddad’s tools have a built-in locator that give him constant readings, allowing him to more completely clean root systems and avoid going too far, or not far enough.

With this modern and advanced root canal technology, patients can enjoy better oral health and treatment comfort. The vast majority of our patients do not have post-treatment pain of any significance. Our approach to root canal therapy is comfortable, efficient, and patient-friendly.

Keeping your Smile Healthy with Root Canals

Advanced Root Canal Therapy in Spring Valley

Dr. Haddad’s commitment to professional education and quality patient care allows him to provide precise root canal therapy at his Spring Valley dental office. Not only has Dr. Haddad performed many root canal treatments, he has taken multiple continuing education courses and attended symposiums to bring the best in root canal therapy to his patients. While root canals can fail when dentists are unable to locate or thoroughly clean all inner portions of a cracked or infected tooth, Dr. Haddad’s training and experience enable him to provide the comprehensive care that you need to enjoy better oral health and to  keep your teeth.

When needed, Dr. Haddad can also provide root canal re-treatment on the majority of patients who come to him after experiencing failed root canal therapy from other dental offices. Dr. Haddad’s training and technology allow him to comprehensively treat teeth and prevent the complications that arise from unsuccessful root canal therapy.

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We make it our goal to ensure that your treatment experience at our office is comfortable and provides lasting results. With a root canal in Spring Valley from Dr. Haddad, patients are relieved of the pain of cracked, fractured, or infected teeth and can keep their own, natural teeth -- avoiding the complexities of having to replace an extracted tooth.

For more information about root canals, or if you could benefit from root canal therapy, contact our office today to speak to a member of our team.

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