Tooth Colored Fillings - Metal & Amalgam Free Alternative

Dental composite is a blend of tooth-colored materials that can include plastic and glass, actually bonds to the surface of teeth (unlike metal), increasing durability of the restoration itself and strengthening your natural tooth as well.  In addition to filling cavities, composite resin can also be used in cosmetic dental bonding, to repair aesthetic damage to front teeth, by being layered on top of teeth. When cured, composite resin hardens and looks just like your own dental enamel.

Mercury-free composite avoids exposure to materials that pose potential complication to overall health over time.  As composite fillings are biocompatible, they will not irritate soft tissue for patients who are sensitive to metals and help to lessen tooth sensitivity over time, as they do not expand and contract with changes in temperature.  This change in size over time can also risk fracturing enamel if you have brittle teeth, making composite fillings low-risk restorations.

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