Getting a Straight New Smile with Invisalign®

For patients with mild to moderate alignment problems, Invisalign® can provide results that are comparable to metal braces, without the discomfort of bonded brackets and wires across teeth. As most dental patients do not have advanced alignment problems, Invisalign® can be used for the majority of common dental concerns, such as tilted and twisted teeth, gaps between teeth, and overlapped teeth.

With 9 years of experience providing Invisalign® in Spring Valley, Dr. Haddad can skillfully develop your clear braces treatment to help you achieve best results. While patients with moderate dental issues are ideal candidates, Dr. Haddad’s training.

g and knowledge have allowed him to successfully treat more complicated problems, such as severe crowding and bite correction.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

The most significant benefits of Invisalign® revolve around its ease of wear and use. Invisalign® utilizes molded aligner trays that pop onto and off of teeth when needed, making all of the following possible:

Simple Oral Hygiene Routines – Simply rinse your aligners in water to clean them and brush and floss your teeth as usual, with no dental appliances to get in the way.

No Diet Restrictions – Because aligners are removed during meal times, Invisalign® patients do not have to worry about hard, crunchy foods or certain drinks damaging bonded orthodontics.

Better Treatment Comfort – The smooth plastic of the custom aligner trays is not abrasive on soft tissue, in the way that metal brackets can be.

Invisalign® is virtually undetectable when worn, making invisible braces ideal for adults who are concerned about their appearance in social and professional settings. As patient compliance in wearing aligners for the complete 22 hours per day is essential, adults are typically the best candidates, though responsible teen dental patients can benefit from clear braces as well.

Invisalign® Alternatives

While Invisalign® is flexible in its ability to treat a variety of problems, there may be some patients who require advanced care with traditional orthodontics. Dr. Haddad has complete training in orthodontic treatment and is able to provide patients with traditional braces, if necessary for their goals and expectations. For patients with certain dental needs, traditional orthodontics can even be quicker than expected. As alternative to Invisalign®, Dr. Haddad offers metal and tooth-colored braces in Spring Valley.

To schedule your Invisalign® consultation, or to speak to a member of our team, call Dr. Haddad’s office today at (619) 660-6633.


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