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Flawless teeth may seem like they are the domain of celebrities only, but cosmetic dental procedures have made getting a natural-looking and damage-free smile easier than ever. With porcelain veneers in Spring Valley from Dr. Haddad, patients whose teeth are severely stained, chipped, or unevenly spaced can achieve a stunning new appearance. Veneers provide the aesthetics of a flawless smile, without invasive, complex dental procedures, in as few dental appointments as possible.

Your Cosmetic Treatment Options with VeneersSpring Valley Veneers - Porcelain, Resin & Lumineers - Restorations

In general, a veneer is made to create a new front for teeth in your smile line, to disguise and cover cosmetic issues that can make your smile look unhealthy or less-than-flattering. In the event that your teeth are crowded and require restoration with veneers, Dr. Haddad can first use his skills in orthodontics to straighten teeth and then apply veneers for best results.

Dr. Haddad offers several different veneer treatment methods, such as:

• Porcelain Veneers
• No-Prep Lumineers®
• Resin Veneers

Dr. Haddad helps patients select the most appropriate methods for their dental needs and budget. While resin veneers are the most cost-effective choice, they may not be best for everyone. Different types of veneers provide for varying strength and longevity, based on your health and dental habits. While each patient is different, most varieties of veneers can be removed, should a patient desire to reverse treatment, and most involve minimal tooth preparation. Veneers help create bright white, even, and balanced smiles for patients with minor to moderate dental flaws.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneer Therapy

Our Spring Valley cosmetic dental office specializes in the use of porcelain dental veneers to transform your smile, as they look more like real dental enamel and provide a gloss that’s not as achievable with composite or resin veneers. While some patients are apprehensive about preparing teeth to apply dental veneers, Dr. Haddad only buffs natural dental enamel in an extremely minor amount – about 0.3mm. In comparison, a singular grain of salt is 1mm. By placing strong porcelain over dental enamel, Dr. Haddad can create a durable, predictable bond that helps your new smile to last for years.

Before applying your veneers, Dr. Haddad creates a wax-up model and a cast of teeth to help patients visualize how their brand new smiles will look. In the span of only two dental visits, you can have a flawless and natural-looking smile. By working with a local dental lab to create your veneers,  Dr. Haddad can also offer custom teeth shade matching with the help of a trusted lab technician.

Learn More about Dental Veneers in Spring Valley

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