Spring Valley Tooth Colored Fillings - Metal & Amalgam Free Alternative

Changes in dental care include new technologies and materials to ensure that your treatment is comfortable and looks as natural as possible. In the past decade, tooth-colored fillings have risen to prominence over traditional, silver fillings. While silver fillings are strong, composite or white fillings offer improvements in aesthetics for patients who do not want their dental restorations to be as noticeable as metal often is.

Dr. Haddad provides the benefits of metal-free and tooth-colored fillings at his Spring Valley dental office to ensure that patients can enjoy cosmetically enhanced smiles.

When to Consider White Dental FillingsSpring Valley Tooth Colored Fillings - Amalgam Free

Patients who choose white dental fillings often do so for aesthetic reasons – they don’t want someone to be able to tell that they’ve had any work done on their smiles. However, composite fillings can be a smart treatment choice for patients with the following issues:

• Sensitive Teeth
• Metal Allergies
• Weak or Brittle Teeth

Dental composite, which is a blend of tooth-colored materials that can include plastic and glass, actually bonds to the surface of teeth (unlike metal), increasing durability of the restoration itself and strengthening your natural tooth as well.  In addition to filling cavities, composite resin can also be used in cosmetic dental bonding, to repair aesthetic damage to front teeth, by being layered on top of teeth. When cured, composite resin hardens and looks just like your own dental enamel.

With Dr. Haddad’s white dental fillings, patients are provided treatment that is completely mercury-free, to avoid exposure to materials that pose potential complication to overall health over time.  As composite fillings are biocompatible, they will not irritate soft tissue for patients who are sensitive to metals and help to lessen tooth sensitivity over time, as they do not expand and contract with changes in temperature.  This change in size over time can also risk fracturing enamel if you have brittle teeth, making composite fillings low-risk restorations.

Ask Our Spring Valley Dentist About Metal-Free Fillings

For all the benefits of tooth-colored composite for dental fillings, there are some patients who may be best served with a metal amalgam restoration. If you have a large cavity or you are especially hard on your teeth (teeth grinding or bad health habits, such as chewing on nails), metal may be best, as composite tends to wear down more quickly. If you have questions about whether composite or metal dental fillings will meet your needs, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. 

Dr. Haddad is happy to provide a range of cosmetically appealing and durable restorations in Spring Valley, including white dental fillings. Call us today to speak to a member of our team about your treatment options.

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