What Can Dental Implants Do for Me?

Written by Eiad H. Haddad, DDS Sep 2 • 2 minute read

With a wealth of experience in advanced restorations and implant dentistry, we help patients solve many dental issues resulting from missing teeth through long-lasting and modern treatment options. While implants have gained rapid popularity in recent years, some patients still wonder if implants provide as many benefits as claimed or what this prosthetic can really do for them.

Dental implant technology has been in use for some time, since the 1970’s, and has been improved upon over the decades. Dental implants have become readily available and reliable and are nearly as strong as natural teeth. If you’re questioning the decision to pursue dental implants to replace missing teeth, consider implants and their many applications.

The Inner Workings of Dental Implants: Better Bone Health and Aesthetics

Dental implants provide a unique benefit: a replacement for tooth roots that stimulates bone health. When a tooth is extracted due to decay, or if teeth have been missing for some time, bone can deplete, becoming thinner and less viable as a support system for any existing healthy teeth, and even facial shape.

A dental implant is installed into the jaw bone and fuses with tissue over time.  These titanium posts, after installation, allows for restorations to be affixed and supported with maximum strength and longevity. The restorations themselves, whether crowns, bridges, or dentures are customized to each patient’s needs and are made to match the shade of other teeth, if needed. While planning your implant procedure, placing implants, and adding final restorations is a comprehensive process, your finished and fully restored smile can last you a lifetime, which is not something that removable dentures or even dental bridges can boast.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

If you have missing teeth, you may lack confidence in your smile, but you may also be suffering from oral health issues that make protecting overall dental wellness difficult. While many patients are qualified for this procedure, it may be necessary to first perform tissue grafts to correct bone lost, improve strength and structure, correct bite force, and reverse the sunken-in appearance caused by jaw bone loss. Dental implants are a prime option for restoring health and confidence in the event of health and aesthetic complications from lost teeth.

No matter the amount of missing teeth in your smile, Dr. Eiad H. Haddad, DDS, works with patients to find the best dental implant treatment for their needs and answer any questions they may have about the true benefits of implant dentistry. Call (619) 660-6633 today to schedule an examination at our Spring Valley practice.

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